Dazer Laser Blur
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Dazer Laser Blur

The Dazer Laser® BLUR™ is a handheld, pistol shaped, Optical Distractor (Ocular Interruptor or “laser dazzler”) laser system which utilizes the patented Variable Range & Focus Optics™ technology to allow for SAFE and EFFECTIVE visual impairment at all ranges from 1 – 50 meters and Illumination/Hailing & Warning out to 100 meters. The BLUR™ is commercially available to Government, Law Enforcement, Maritime, Corrections and many other types of Security Agencies.

The BLUR™ temporarily impairs the vision of the threat(s) by eliminating their ability to see, engage and/or effectively target the operator. Due to the operator’s ability to adjust the range of engagement, the operator can visually impair, warn, assess, deter, suppress, illuminate, target and/or communicate with the threat to clarify intent and potentially avoid escalation to more lethal engagements. Having a Nominal Ocular Hazard Distance (NOHD), or hazard range, of one half (0.5) meter makes this, as well as the GUARDIAN and STEALTH, the only Optical Distractor systems in the world that can be operated eye safe from one half (.5) meter and beyond, versus other types of Fixed Range & Focus Optical Distractor systems that can only be operated safely beyond 10-20 meters. This goes for both the Operator and intended target(s); SAFETY is just as important as EFFECTIVENESS and EFFECTIVENESS is just as important as SAFETY.

Dazer Laser Video

The Dazer Laser® BLUR™ effects are immediate, which provides the operator with critical time to assess the situation from greater stand-off distances and avoiding unnecessary collateral damage. The Dazer Laser® BLUR™ incorporates other capabilities that assist in suppressing the threat. They include the following:

  • Dazer Laser® Optical Distractor
  • Effective Dazing Range of 0.5m – 50m
  • Effective Beam Diameter: 0.2m – 0.5m
  • Visual Warning & Hailing to 100m
  • High Power LED Light
  • Zap Trap™ – Stun Gun
  • 140db Alarm/Siren
  • Built-in Pepper Spray
  • DNA Teeth
  • Video & optional Audio recording
  • Battery life ~ 600 dazings @ 10 sec. each

Dazer Laser® BLUR™ Includes:

  • Hard Storage Case
  • Holster (specify color)
  • Operations Manual
  • Quick User Guide
  • One set of (2) CR123 Batteries
  • Cleaning Kit
  • Colors: Black or Lime Green

Key Features:

  • Visible (green) High Powered LED “Dazing / Dazzling” output
  • Patent-pending Variable Range & Focus Optics™ technology for both SAFE and EFFECTIVE visual impairment from 0.5-50 meters
  • llumination / Hail & Warn out to 100 meters
  • Patent-pending MEAN Beam™ Technology
  • Pistol shaped housing
  • No long term effects beyond NOHD
  • Operating modes: Day, Night, and Search
  • Low battery indicator
  • Can be used for room clearing from within a half (0.5) meter away and/or visual impairment (suppression) out to 50 meters with equal effectiveness
  • Variable divergence meets the full range of mission critical needs in one compact system versus the need for separate short and long range systems
  • MIL STD-810G ruggedized
  • Output Power (Pulsed/Chirped/CW) (> 1,000 Lumens)
  • Wavelength 520-535 nm (visible – green)
  • Effective Range 0.5 – 50 meters (Visual Impairment); 100 meters (Illuminate / Hail & Warn)
  • NOHD 0.5 meter
  • Operation Modes Dazing: Day Mode, Night Mode (>1000 Lm); Search: Search Mode (<1000 Lm)
  • Firing Trigger Momentary trigger or “double-tap” for Search Mode operation
  • Battery Type (2) CR123 3V Lithium Batteries (disposable)
  • Weight 14 ounces (with batteries installed)
  • Operating Temperature -4°F to +131°F (-20°C to +55°C)

Disclaimer: Sale of the Dazer Laser® BLUR™ is restricted to US Military, Government agencies, law enforcement, maritime, corrections and other Government affiliated Boards/agencies. In addition, the Dazer Laser® BLUR™ is subject to US Department of State laws and regulations, including ITAR, and requires an approved export license prior to any International sales and deliveries. Please refer to the following list of International countries that can inquire about the Dazer Laser® BLUR™ and apply for an export license: http://www.pmddtc.state.gov/embargoed_countries/index.html