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Dazer Lasers have had numerous safety studies done, in order comply with the required safety regulations set forth by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Regulations, Food & Drug Administration (FDA) Regulations, and other US Government MIL STD Regulations for Laser products in use by Military and/or Law Enforcement Personnel. The company will work diligently to gain compliance where necessary on all of its products that use Lasers.

Our systems incorporate the patented Variable Range & Focus Optics™ Technology to provide Operators the ability to both safely and effectively engage the intended target from 1-1000 meters for visual impairment (optical distraction or suppression). Because our systems incorporate a variable beam divergence angle, the Operator can engage a target that is one (1) meter (3 feet) away safely and effectively, and then, with the same system, engage a target that is 1000 meters (3,280 feet) away safely and effectively. The key is being BOTH safe and effective. All other Optical Distractor systems are considered “safe” at 1000 meters because the diameter of the Laser beam on the target is several meters in diameter.

For example, when a 200-250 mW laser is larger than two (2) meters in diameter, there is not sufficient power density available to provide an irradiance level great enough to effectively visually impair the target. If the target’s vision is not being impaired, and the Operator is simply “illuminating” or “painting” the target, the target can see the Operator and in effect sacrifice the safety of the Operator which is unacceptable.

Some Optical Distractors have incorporated a laser rangefinder to automatically shut off a system if someone enters into an “unsafe” territory. Unfortunately, laser rangefinders have a lag time between measuring the distance of the target, responding through the computer, and then reacting to shut off the full powered laser intended for optical distraction. Additionally, laser rangefinders do not react very well to soft targets or environmental conditions, which in effect, render this capability ineffective. This is a “band-aid” approach for a Fixed Focus Optical Distractor system to be operated “safer” because the system itself cannot be used at short ranges for engagements such as room clearings or urban street patrols; however, if a system shuts itself off, how is it effective? It is not, and that is why Extreme Laser Technologies has incorporated the patented Variable Range & Focus Optics™ Technology into all of its Dazer Laser® Products. The Dazer Laser® is the only Optical Distractor technology that DOES NOT limit the Operator’s engagement ranges. When in a tactical situation, the Operator cannot dictate the range of the intended target and needs to be able to engage that target anywhere from one (1) meter away out to 1000 meters away providing critical time to assess and clarify intent.